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Minggu, 18 Desember 2011

MY self

My complete name is nur kumala,you can call me nur or kumala,I was born in bangkaan,on april 4 nineteen ninetyfive,so I am  16 year`s old,I am body weight to 40 n my body hight to 150.i have two brother and seven I am a student and in the eleven class,I study at MAN BANGKALAN,I always go to school at 05.45 am,because my home is ery far…..!
Usually if I am sad,I refreshing with my hobbies,my hobbies are playing basket ball and dance.
I like basket ball because give me self confident,healty body and add friends,and than I want to be teacher,because the teacher is noble proffesion,give knowledge for student.
My favorite food are fried rice,meat ball,noodle and I like juice avocado,and ice cream too beside that I like grape,orange,and durian fruit.
My favorite colours are blue,green and pink.i like some animalasas turtle,rabbit,bird because they are funny..
Every day I watching television,and my favorite film is harry potter but I like to watching carton as tom and jerry,Oscar,casper,and sccoby doo………………..!because it make me happy and lough.
I have favorite singer,and he is justin beiber,because he have got voice tuneful,handsome,good dance,have multy telent,and he is friendly.and my favorite music is pop…

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