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Minggu, 18 Desember 2011

MY family

My family consist of persons,tiz my parent,two m brothers,seven my sister and me,my father’s name is Damhudi and he is entrepreneur,my mather’s name is Nur Jannah and she is housewife.
The first children is Nur aini,she has husband and two childs, they are rizal and lisa.her hobbiy is make cake.
The second childs is mun yatik she has husband and two boys childs,they are alim and father,now she and her family live in Arabia,her hobby is sew.
The thirth childs is arfia she has husband but she has not child,she like eat so she is very fat,they live in Surabaya
The fourth childs is najma,she has husbad and three boys childs,they are haikal,ari,and dani.her hobby is sport and they live in sepulu.
The fifth childs is homsah,now she work in Banjarmasin,she is notary public in iron business,her hobby is dance.
The sixth childs hariroh,she has husband and two girls childs,they are bilkis and nabila.her hobby is cook.
The seventh childs is Abdullah,he is university student.and the eighth childs is me and then the nineth child is aida she is student and school at junior highschool in Nura and in the nine class.
The last childs is adnan she is student at elementaty school in Tlomar

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